Bone Conduction Headphones vs Regular Headphones

There are two kinds of headphones, the normal headphones and bone conduction headphones. The major difference between the two is that, normal headphones fit in your ears while bone conduction headphones fit in your head region instead of your ears. The topic discussed below is bone conduction headphones VS regular headphones 


These headphones work on the bone conduction mechanism. We know that sound travels in the form of waves through air. First, waves enter in the outer ear (pinna), it focuses the sound. Then waves passes into the middle ear, it has auditory canal and eardrum. Three small bones ossicles are present at the other side of ear drum, these bones transmit vibration to cochlea. When the vibrations reach cochlea they are converted into electrical impulses that are sent through the auditory nerve to the brain.

But sound waves are also conveyed through the bones in your head and face through bone conduction mechanism. Bone conduction headphones are designed in such way that leaves your ears empty so that you can hear the surrounding noises. The sound waves are converted into vibrations that reach the inner ear directly through the bones of your head or face.

Bone conduction headphones are safer as compared to normal headphones because of the reason that they do not have any link with your ear. However, these headphones do cause some damage but they do not cause deafness and severe hearing disorders.

The quality that makes bone conduction headphones unique is that they can be used by both, completely normal users and those with hearing disorders.

Some of them are U-shaped so that you can wrap it around your neck or attach it your goggles, swimming cap etc.

You can hear quality audio streams even if you’re swimming,  waterproof bone conduction headphones such as: beker,  finis duo and  audio bone allows you to hear your favorite playlist under water. Moreover, if you’re working out bones conduction headphones are surely the best choice. You don’t have to worry about earphones slipping off while working out.

Besides all these qualities, bone conduction headphones are  clumsier.  They occupy large space as compared to normal headphones. Moreover, the audio quality is not as good as regular headphones and lastly, they cost much more than ordinary headphones.


Majority of the people use these headphones on daily basis to listen to their favorite music. They are also called earphones or headsets because of the reason that people wear them over their ears. You can attach your headphone through plug or connect it via Bluetooth to your mobile phone, computer, MP3 player or any other electronic device easily.

The quality of the sound is much better than the quality of bone conduction headphones, they are clearer and far more understandable.

When it comes to cost, these headphones as compared to bone conduction headphones cost less. You can conveniently purchase them. They are smaller and lighter, you can carry them wherever you want.

People with hearing impairments can’t use these headphone, they can use bone conduction headphones only. Regular headphones are only for perfectly normal people, who did not have any kind of hearing disorder.

You can use regular headphone in peaceful environment only while bone conduction headphone are designed in such manner that they can be used in noisy surrounding as well. Regular headphone causes permanent hearing impairments and deafness if used excessively.

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